Friday, November 20, 2009

My Sweet Things - minus two

Tazer is 90 pounds of brute strength. He exactly what we need here in the hood. Little do most people know that his bark is much worse than his bite! Much worse...

Moses, so named because he escaped the bondage of the Humane Shelter, is our cross eyed wonder. He is so cute. So huge. So funny. He loves to lay close in bed but stretched from my feet to my waist so he takes up A LOT of space!

The day we went to the shelter to pick out a dog, this guy had nothing on his cage telling us anything about him. Why? Because he was next to be euthanized. I was looking for a small female dog and Ruger is who I came home with. Ten years later - absolutely no regrets. He is a great dog and we love him to death.

This is Mia - also known as 'Nosy Rosy'. Mia is a Human Shelter Rescue cat! This picture was recently submitted to Women's Day Cutest Pet and published online. She is 14 years old and has almost used up her nine lives - the day she crawled into the boiler while I was baking cookies used half of them. Also singed half her whiskers!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

One of these days.....

It was a beautiful Fall day today and snow seems like it could be a long way off. I took off for Shipshewana and it was a perfect day. I love that little town! The shops. The friendliness of the people. The meshing of Amish with English. There were countless buggies on the road as they headed into Shipshe for their Saturday shopping spree. A glimpse of a unique lifestyle.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Last night at midnight we got the call that Jordan's post-partum pre-eclampsia was so severe that they were going to start a mag drip. I remember clearly that week after Jocelyn was born and those scary hours that we spend. I went up to the hospital before work where she was in a darkened room and told she could have no visitors and not care for Jenavieve in order for her to be totally unstimulated. I sat and held Jenavieve for a sweet 1 1/2 hour so Patrick could eat and Jordan could rest. Rather than a 24 hour drip, this is going to be a 48 hour process. She does appear to be better emotionally than after Jocelyn was born. That is a huge praise.