Friday, February 19, 2010

Locks of Love

Jocelyn got her beautiful waist length red hair cut and donated it to Locks of Love. Sandy told her how much that some little girl will love a wig made out of her hair. They took her name to send in with it.

Childhood cancer can be devastating. So often I go through life and forget that there are families really struggling with pediatric health issues. Many of them terminal.

I hope Jocelyn always has a giving heart. A tender heart.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Working It Out.

I have a whole 'nother family that I spend time with each week. My work family. I take my job as the HR person very seriously. I laugh with my co-workers. I cry with my co-workers. I pray with my co-workers. I praise and reprimand my co-workers. Each has their own story and each is a special soul to me.

F - The cleaning man. He yells at me for not wearing a coat when it is cold. He warns me about freshly mopped floors after he saw me slide across the floor once after he had just mopped it. Almost gave him a heart attack.

D - Wouldn't speak to me last weekend because she was mad at something that R had done the night before. My bubbly D. Last night she snuck into my office to steal my jumbo jelly beans and called me 'Mom'.

M - My dear M. My partner. My heart grieves for M as he struggles to hold on to a marriage with all of his heart. This week is going to be a rough one at work for M. I cannot even tell him about it yet but I am fighting for him and don't know how I will handle myself if things don't turn out. I have lost too many partners.

C- My sister in Christ. I've tried to protect her job but next week things will change. I asked if it could happen when I'm not there but was told I was the only one that was trusted to sit in on what will be a very difficult conversation.

J - My bubbly girl. Almost like my own daughter. I love her happy little voice and the fact that she will do anything I ask - always cheerfully.

E - Crazy E. So totally unlike me. We have some good conversations and he is someone I can tease with my dry sense of humor.

Some days I come home from work with a heavy heart. A lot of burdens. Somedays I come home from work excited about what God is doing. When Bob had his heart attack, I realized just how special many of my co-workers are and that they love me just as I love them. All 70.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


On a cold, snowy evening, Cathy treated all of us to Chuckie Cheese! The cousins loved it! What a treat. Jocelyn was the only one that had ever been there before. I am SO thankful that the mom's went too. Keeping track of these guys was not easy. I love seeing them grow up and make memories together. The girls of course love to see each other. Jocelyn and little miss 'A' went on one ride that simulated a roller coaster. I loved hearing them squeal and scream as only little girls can do. They all wore the initial shirts that Dryscha made them for Christmas. I am blessed.

Two of my three 'J's! Jocelyn and Juliet!

The boys all had fun!! From the 'biggest' to the smallest' Of course we had to finish off with pizza!