Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Memories

Memorial Day always seems somewhat poignant. I never have taken for granted those who died serving our country. Serving my country. It always seems like a bittersweet day.

This year the kids all came to the cabin for a cookout. It is really the first time since Christmas that all of the little people have been together. They had so much fun. They loved running into the woods for firewood. I can't wait to see who comes down with poison ivy first. I love the fact that they are so close in age. I remember the relationship I had with a few of my cousins and hope they too develop that closeness. It was also a day of gratitude for Jordan. She had some pregnancy problems the day before and thus far, God has spared the life of this little soul.

Edwin could not get enough of the woods.

Robert fell so hard that his eye patch was scraped!

It doesn't get much better than this! The 'cousins' had so much fun together!

Some lip licking ice cream to end the day! The kids went home dirty and happy!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dishin' on Dining Rooms

First of all, I am no blogging expert so this is not configured the way I would have liked. Second of all, I am not a decorating diva! I can see what I want but when I try to accomplish it....well....

We live in a big old house in the middle of 'the hood'. It is a wonderful mission field and I love it. We also were foster parents to over 100 children in 15 years and the dining room was the center of our house as we met together for meals each evening. It is my favorite room.

We have a lot of old woodwork. I love my bay window. The high chair in the corner was my mom's when she was a baby. I also have the candlewick china she bought before she got married. It's very precious to me and we use it on Holidays.

This is looking into the dining room from our foyer. Obviously the dining room leads into the kitchen.

The bay windows get a lot of nose prints these days. This is Tazer.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Missing. Always Missing.

Today is the anniversary of the due date for the baby that Jordan lost. He or she would be 3 now. A buddy for the triplets. A little younger, but still close. Such dreams Jordan had for this baby. Such excitement when she found out she was carrying him or her. A baby that was never tangible. A baby she never got to name. A baby she never got to see. On Holidays I look around the table and someone is always missing.

God is so good. He chose life for this baby. Eternal life. This baby never had to choose whether to accept Christ or deny Him. God chose for them. One thing we are confident of. One thing we can be sure. One day we will see this baby again. This baby is waiting for us.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

God Knows About Your First Heartbeat

Today I got to hear the heartbeat belonging to our latest grandchild-to-be. Out of soon to be ten, I have heard the heartbeat of 7 future grandchildren. As I track their weekly development, it never ceases to amaze me how God weaves them within their mother's womb. Hearing that heartbeat is a connection. A bond. Tangible evidence of a life in the making. A unique person that is a clean slate.

The Bible has so much to say about God's baby weaving ability. It also talks of generations and the importance of teaching passed down. Each new grandchild is a time for me to take stock. To get with the program.

As each week goes by, I know how this child is developing physically. Someday I hope to see him or her develop spiritually. That is where generations come in.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mother's Day Madness

For Mother's Day this year, Mom decided she would like for me to take her to the cemetery where Uncle Ken and Aunt Dora were buried. She has never been back since the day of the funeral. We called the funeral home that handled the services to find out exactly which cemetery it was and where it was at.

Now to say I am directionally challenged is an understatement. To say I like to drive where I have no idea where I am going is even more of an understatement. I figured the cemetery was about 25 miles away and I remembered it was in the middle of nowhere.

Our conversation consisted of:
'Do you know where you are going?' No.
'All the houses look the same.' We are in the middle of amish country.
'All the roads look the same.' Yep. Curvy and empty.
'I didn't remember being so far away when we went here before.' Yep.
'It's so far away.' Sigh.

Of course once we got there, we had to find the grave sites. Fortunately, the cemetery was smaller than what I remembered so it really was not that difficult.

I always enjoy listening to my mom remember. I could tell she was remembering. A brother who was a gentleman. A sister-in-law that she had loved. A childhood that had flown past. A simple childhood. One full of love. One full of faith. Remembering what was between the dashes of their birthdays and deathdays.

On the way home, I drove past my mom's childhood home. A home I remember. A home full of happy memories of my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. Events that will be between the dashes of my birthday and deathday.

Some gifts cannot be bought. For this Mother's Day I gave mom the gift of time. The gift of memories. She has given me the gift of love.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Robert is the 'oldest', yet smallest of the boys. He was 3 pounds and one ounce when he made his appearance three years ago. The nurses would say they were going to put him in their pocket and steal him. We thought that by eighteen months, they would all be the same size, but he still remains the smallest. I still am in awe of how merciful God was and continues to be on their behalf. Being a grandparent is sobering as I strive to share the Lord with them. I want them to see Him in every aspect of their lives.

One of the very best things about coming to visit is getting to play with Ruger and Tazer. Robert did learn several months ago not to put his finger in Ruger's mouth...

I you are going to eat, you're going to have to work! All of the kids love being with Grandpa.


I know this is disgusting! I bought the boys this book about triplet bears. They are each different, yet each very much loved. Robert obviously loves his bear as much as he is loved! I have replaced them once and about to go on another quest......